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My perspective on Wedding Artistry

While I do not generally perform wedding photography or videography as a professional, commercial offering, I have provided such services on occasion - usually under unique and very special circumstances. I believe that more important than much of the work done solely for sales and profit that I am usually commissioned for; the personal art of those once-in-a-lifetime occasions, deserve a completely different level of commitment and dedication. Those most valuable and sacred events do not often provide the luxury of a second chance, to get right - and therefore, must be planned for and approached with a completely different mind-set and perspective. In most cases the recipient or subjects themselves, rarely know or consider (at the time) the magnitude or significance of this undertaking. For example - the second most important event taking place during a wedding ceremony is the videography. It supersedes even the consideration of those in attendance - as it will be the only record that the Bride and Groom will have of their special event. The video and photography will long out last the memory of who all attended their event. This is a major consideration to a masterful camera-person, who must navigate shot angles. A shy photographer who is too concerned with obstructing the views of guest, or too reluctant to invade the space between the officiant and the couple at the alter, will ultimately miss crucial opportunities.

While looking at the clips of these events that I have provided, please view them with a few considerations in mind: The number of camera angles obtained - providing the opportunity to tell a more complete story. What items the camera-person and editor chose to tell the story.., and the effort put into the Compositing and Finishing, including: Soundtrack, B-roll, Natural Lighting etc. Try to consider how much effort was put forth by the artist, to accurately capture and reproduce, not only the event, but the feeling and emotion of the event.

In conclusion, each and every wedding is unique and different. When you are viewing your content on your tenth anniversary, it should evoke the true and real emotions, and memories from that very special day, from beginning to end.