In the beginning
before all else

Meet the Bride & Groom


Meet the One I Love

With Just 4 Months to go

To Our Family & Friends

The theme of my own wedding was based on digital and computer generated graphics - of course. My wife and I tried to build everything around that genre. Our table place settings where display lap top computer shells, which displayed our photographs on each of the monitors. Our little keep-sake gifts were full sized, chocolate CD's wrapped in foil, displayed in CD holders - one for each guest at a table. It was a challenge keeping people from eating them before dinner was served. Knowing what my event video would later contain, I arranged to do a pre-event video of the two of us together, and included it in our digital dvd invitation that we sent out - with a liner notes, insert booklet, that contained a return RSVP card. This was a wonderful inclusion for out-of-town family members who may not have been able to attend. It also allowed each side of our families to get to know us a little better, by viewing us in our own natural, loving environment. The Fentons elected to go with one as well for their package.”


to the ceremony


Final preparations in the making

Barbara Assists the Bride

I got there early enough to collect footage of some of the set-up and preperations. I was able to capture the groom as he greeted guest, the bride in her chamber being assisted by her maid of honor, and designer Barbars Bates, and family and friends as they made their way to their seats and a cocktail reception area. When people get all dressed-up for an even, I think they like the idea of being filmed, and knowing that images of themselves at their very best, might be floating around out there somewhere.

the ceremony

two cameras in place


the Ceremony

This part is what it's all about

This is where you decide if my design and shooting style is right for you. I like low light photography, and naturally lit environments. I try to stay as far away from artificial flashes and lighting as I possibly can. I want the scene to look like it did at that moment. If it is more important that everything is lit for the purpose of being able to clearly see or recognize everything - even better than you could at the actual event... then my style very well may not be right for you. I don't personally have anything against that style of shooting - It's just not mine. Just as you took the time to find the perfect venue, and the perfect cake and everything else that had to be Just So... Please use that same consideration and discretion when it comes to your visual artistry - because this will be around for much longer than most everything else from your event.

The Reception

Free but Steady


Keep the Party Going

to Capture those Special Moments

Traditional elements like the wedding party entrance, the first dances, the cake cutting and bouquet and garter toss will be documented. Only by request will I film guest and the room during dinner. Cosider that much of the bridal party activity will usually take place during dinner, .i.e., speeches, toast, announcements etc. While I preferred it for my own reception, some do not. I will capture footage until just after the dance floor opens. I will film interviews and well wishes if that is part of your program at this time as well.

All the best

From The Guest


Best Wishes from the Family & Friends

Greetings from Some Who Attended

Believe it or not, this is one of the more challenging parts of the reception - as many people do not enjoy speaking on camera. Also, being able to maintain control of the audio in the environment while music and banter is present, is often a crap-shoot - but again, If that's what it was like at the time, I personally prefer the authenticity of that element.

I don't really like the idea of setting up an interview station where guest can come to me to provide their well wishes, as that more than often will further alienate guests who might speak if I appear in front of them, but would never consider making the effort on their own.

the album

Wedding Photos


"Your Digital Wedding Album"

Love In Pictures

I like creating 'containers' that hold and disply images from the event for the digital presentation. Of course printed copies of selected files will also be available as primary sources as with most traditional wedding albums. This was a shorter version of this concept. Feel free to view mine, using the button below, for an example of a longer play.

Coming to DVD

A Real Player


Will It Be A DVD

Player Options

A DVD Opener Menu is a nice, creative option for easier access to the different areas of the disk. Files can also be accessed directly (as with any digital storage disk or usb device) should you elect not to go with a DVD. Be advised that disk conflict issues are often a consideration for some older players. Most DVD's will however have no issue playing back on most computers with DVD drives.

DVD or Scene Opener

A Black & White Noir Style


An Aerial Perspective

Sky Cam

This was an excellent opportunity to engage in a bit of high resolution aerial photography.